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Grant Programs

Grants are a form of financial aid that may not need to be paid back under some conditions. The U.S. government and many private organizations offer grants to help pull low-income families out of economic crisis and build a secure future. Many grants are available including assistance for education, home repairs, low income housing, single parents, veterans, minorities, women and many more! We've organized these programs so you can easily see what you qualify for and find programs with grant money.

Low Income Housing

There are many assistance options available including Federal Programs, private and non-profit organizations. We have compiled a database of these options along with eligibility requirements and application info. We can also connect you with services to help those in danger of foreclosure or eviction.


Now is a great time to go back to school and many courses are even offered online. Would you consider going back to school if you could afford it? We can help you figure out your funding options and connect with you with the best services and schools for your lifestyle and objectives. Plus, qualified candidates can receive up to $6,495* in government grants to pursue their education goals. These extra funds can make a big difference in your future and eliminate the burden of student loan debt!

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"I didn't know I'd qualify for financial assistance just for being a single mom. Now I can afford the child care I need."

Fred S.

"I was able to become a first time homeowner with the help of these programs. Thank you!"

Sarah W.

"Getting free government grant money allowed me to go back to school and pursue the career I've always wanted."

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